Hauling, Clean-Up

Keeping your property clean & organized is something that every owner strives for.
INSTAR Lawn has the resources to help you keep it beautiful!

What Do You Need Hauled?

When most people think about hauling, they think about taking things away, but a big part of our hauling service is bringing things to your property. We’ll bring gravel for your driveway, mulch for your garden beds, stone for your walkways, and soil for your lawn.

Along with bringing things to you, we will also haul things away. We will haul away your old furniture, dead plant materials, trees and just about anything else. Give us a call!

Heavy Duty Equipment

We own or have access to dump trucks, tractors and other heavy equipment. Our team of heavy equipment operators are experienced in the safe and careful use of machinery around your home or business. Let us help you clean up quickly.

We specialize in storm clean-up!

Some of our Hauling and Clean-Up Projects

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For a Beautiful Yard, Call Now

Reliable lawn and yard maintenance whether you are home or away.
Landscape clean-up and installation.
We have the tools!